Daughter of Ukraine-Dochka Ukrayiny-original art

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An original woodcut print edition of a traditional Ukrainian folk dress and embroidered blouse. This is based on my research into Ukrainian embroidery throughout the centuries.  This totemic image is the result of multiple sketches I penciled, and represents a traditional smock of red wool embellished with black applique, worn over a folk blouse of white cotton with areas of colorful embroidery in the timeless placement of sleeves, collar, and bodice.

To really drive home the dramatic and desperate situation Ukraine finds itself in, I used blue pencil line around the garment and on each line I scrolled with pencil the names of villages, and towns that have been in the news for missile strikes and bombings of public buildings. 

There are 9 numbered woodcuts in the edition plus 1 A/P. #1/9 has been framed and is on view at the Mixx Atelier in Telluride. The size of the print is 30"hx24"w.  It is printed on Okawara Japanese paper, my favorite paper to print with. 

The retail price of each artwork, $1800, will have $900 deducted  to go directly to select Ukrainian relief organizations of my choice. The collectors who purchase one of the edition will be informed as to the relief organization chosen.

This is what I can do, this is what I am able to give.

See my recent blog, Rough Sketch,  post here on my site: My Dream is that this will be my last artwork for Ukrainian relief. 

You may also purchase one of this very limited edition by contacting my gallery,  Mixx Atelier, in Telluride, Colorado  970-797-4040. or Mixx's online gallery Artsy.net