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About the artist

Art is complicated. My own art is a bifurcated passion. One limb is socially conscious narratives about women and what women wear, and the other is a pure addiction to the scintillation of the observed, the beauty I see and then interpret in a graphic response. More than a printmaker, or painter, I think of myself as an image maker.

I enjoy working at the press as well as teaching printmaking at colleges and studio workshops.  It’s one of those things that allows me to dive deep into process, carving, inking and printing assorted images; to dwell in print traditions that date back to the 15th century and bring my own sensibility to each image, always with a mind for beauty and composition.


 Ouida lives in Delta, Colorado. She came to Colorado from a small Mexican pueblo named Mesilla where she left behind a large garden with fruit trees and a historic adobe home. Life is about change, change is about following your dreams.