Persephone-Original-limited edition

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This is the best and last of the edition of Persephone, a woodcut reduction print that I created in my studio. Persephone is a full scale dress artwork that resonates with the viewer as if it were able to be tried on. The imagery in the print is based on the Greek myth about Persephone, and her unfortunate marriage to Hades and her return to the upper world of the earth for spring and summer. Thus the imagery of her as a goddess of Spring and the lush garden.

Since this is the last of the edition and it is #1 of the edition, I would love to share it with you as part of your fine art collection. The size of the print is 47"h x 29"w and is handprinted on Okawara paper. Truly one and the last of a spectacular edition.

It will be carefully packed and shipped to you via UPS in a sturdy tube from my studio. Tax and shipping are included in the price.