People like me create art like this for people like you.

It’s a matter of my gratitude, personal and heartfelt. Generosity shown to me should be returned in some way that feels resonant.  

One thing I love and have an abundance of is gorgeous, hand-thrown pottery. My life story can be told in pottery. I have collected pots since my early days in art school in the 70’s, as well as having had long time and loving friendships with potters all through the years. I cherish my pots, I do cry when one breaks, and I rhapsodize about a period of my life, when I hold one in my hands. Yes, each one has a story. 



People have been kind and generous to me.  I have decided to share a little piece of artistic expression in recognition of the power of friendship and support, and the significance of inanimate objects to our spiritual wellbeing. Here’s a few renderings. They are mixed media, mostly collage, utilizing hand printed papers and cut forms that suggest the pots I so love. They are not listed for sale on the website, but rather, they are gifts to special friends and collectors. It’s not a one-off, it’s a series and will continue.


Thank you for being who you are and thank you for supporting my artist's journey! Happy Happy Holidays! 

Here are some highlights coming for me in this Holiday season: 

  • Coors Western Exhibition is on for a face-to-face event in Denver, starting Jan. 3, 2022 and I have 6 editions in the show that I am pretty happy with Coors Western Art.
  • Wednesday, November 24, I will be part of a Zoom studio visit with 2 of the other artists for Coors Western. That video will be visible as of 6 pm for all to check in with me in my studio and a few words from the curator as well as the other artists in their studios. Click on the link for that day to register for the virtual studio visit Artists Talks .
  • I will be showing and selling small works at the Telluride Holiday Bazaar, Dec. 3, 4, 5. Come by if you're in town. 



Allison Sabraw

We have at least 5 of your beautiful works of art –
Slowly getting back on track.
Looking for black and white – where on your website do I look for your work ?
916/451-7815 Allison Sabraw

Wendy Ewing

Ouida~ I love these pottery items. Bravo!

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