A woman can't have too many tools!

For more than 20 years I have had a press in my studio to use for all sorts of artworks on paper. For those of you who are familiar with my artist career, you may agree that I have really specialized in a couple of distinctive techniques for making images on paper that require the use of a press.  Some of them, Persephone for example, were so large that I had to ask a fellow artist to help me by adding two more hands, for the last few passes on the press. Thanks Nancy Begin! 

Living those years in New Mexico, I had my press nearby to work from, to teach from and to play with, even though when I finally moved into Mesilla, the press stood for a while in the middle of my living room. (awkward, but necessary) My classes at DACC would come for their last session to my studio where we would assemble our portfolios and celebrate our great achievements in print.


When I left New Mexico, I sold my press to a young artist with a master’s degree from NMSU who practically did cartwheels when I offered to sell it to him. It was a joyful moment for both of us.

And here I am, 2 years later, with a great studio in an old carriage house that offers sufficient room for a press and my great longing for another grasp at the gold ring. I am so happy to announce that I have purchased a new Takach press, with a bed size of 30 x 48” and that it will be shipped from Albuquerque and delivered to my studio in the second half of August. I am over-the-moon happy!

(Australian artist Adrienne Williams, taking a woodcut workshop from me. See my former press in the background?)

Leave me a comment if you have had firsthand experience in my studio with my former press. We’ve had some great workshops and I have great aspirations for offering them again very soon. Let’s see, maybe a nice Fall workshop on Nature Monoprinting, or Intro to Linoleum block…maybe even a one on one collaboration with a fellow artist who wants to come and work with me on their own project? I’m eager to be able to offer all or any of the above. If this appeals to you as artists or want-to-be artists, leave me a comment and I will respond.

Bye for now.




Thierry Oppenheimer

I’m a friend and former student and know the press well. So imPRESSed with your continuous imPRESSive art style and wish you and your new PRESS much success. Your house is adorable…

Sue Crosby Doyle

How wonderful to have a great press with a large bed. You will need it. Workshop sounds great. Keep me posted. Thanks

Mike Weiss

As the very pleased owner of Persephone (5/7) I am glad that you will be returning to other pressing issues

Tricia Spencer

This is just GREAT!!! So excited for you! Wishing you and your new press all success!


Ah, I see myself in pictures. It’s was such a great experience to learn your art technique and take a class with you. It’s a cherished memory. Yay, for your new press!!

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