'Wistful' - the third image in the Languor Quartet

Meet Wistful. She stands in a garden of late summer flowers, including my dear favorite, the Tithonia, or Mexican Sunflower, and thinks about how many gardens she has known ‘til today.  It’s a third linocut hand-print, and has now been carved to my satisfaction and will take form and color as I cut the various pieces of colorful handmade papers that make the design sing. I’ll post you when it’s complete…very soon, I hope. 


See the other two linocut handprints with chine colle here:
On the video you can hear the gentle rain of a storm outside my studio door. We're in the monsoon season now in New Mexico smiley
Hit PLAY to see me carving the linoleum block, or plate, in preparation for handprinting.