The worst part of moving has morphed into the wonder!

Hello from my new world of art making in Denver Colorado. I have surprised myself by summing the courage and gumption to pick myself up and relocate. And oh, what gumption I had to sum!!
Now the worst of it has faded into the wonder of it. My new workplace is a public membership studio called Art Gym Denver which is perfect for my need to expand and create without being isolated in a small town and a small home studio.
Here’s a pic or two of what I am now engaged in…a reduction woodcut based on a true female folk heroine from Colorado….Rattlesnake Kate. She deserves to be commemorated with one of my woodcut editions, don’t you think?

All is well in Denver. I love the urban buzz, and the wealth of (wealth and ) stimulus in the arts. No shortage, I am finding; and the weather? Well, it’s pretty nice so far.  A cool 78 today in the middle of June. What’s to complain about?
Cheers, Ouida