Sunflower Series #8, one of my very favorite woodcuts!

I've been missing this sunflower print lately. When it sold at the Boston Printmakers Biennial I was almost sad to let it go. At the same time, I was also elated to have it selected by a collector who saw it as the beautiful creation that I saw.

Now, I have the great pleasure of having it available again, as an archival reproduction.  If you'd like to see it on your dining room wall in a virtual rendition so that you can imagine it there at any size you choose, there's a way to do that on my new website. 

Bold and graphic, marks made by the chisel and by the inking and collaging process. It's truly an original design, and although I have produced perhaps 60 in the Sunflower series, this remains a very special one to me. In the printmakers lexicon it is 'unique'. 

Artists don't stand still, nor does art, nor does the garden as a source of inspiration. For me, it is endless. Here is a recent photo of my garden here in Mesilla New Mexico in May. Enjoy my Graphic Botanical prints and enjoy this glorious Spring. Cheers!