Summer of BIG art projects!

On a previous post on Rough Sketch, I mentioned that I have been asked to license three of my cowgirl shirt woodcut prints for a 'one time use' at a new hotel in Plano, Texas. I wasn't kidding.
And now I have three rolls of printed canvas in my studio with the three woodcut prints in size EXTRA LARGE. My task is to embellish them with stitching on the surface. The designer for the project has specified the locations of the stitched areas. I am to add the stitching by hand, roll them back up and ship them to the framer who will stretch the canvases and frame them.  Got it?  It's a terrific project that pays well. I am putting together a video to post on my site, but for now, I'd like to share these photos which speak to the scale and the scope of the project.

Anyone live in Dallas, Plano or nearby? I need a photographer to go see these once they are installed...Email me for details.smiley

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