Stitch crazy, and art framing available.


   Hello! I received so much good feedback from my collectors and art loving friends that I am reticent to put away my basket of colored cotton threads. With the summer heat baring down on us here in southern New Mexico, I am working at the crack of dawn in the garden and then fleeing to the cool walls of my adobe studio for the duration of daylight. Here’s a little tryout on a much smaller scale. It's called Flights of Fantasy #4 Let me know what you think…am I completely stitch mad? 

Did you know that my website now offers matted and framed prints as options for my collectors? You can even choose a smaller or a greater size of archival reproduction to fit your taste and your home and go to the next small step by picking a wood frame molding in several sizes and styles. Here’s a lovely collector named Allison who ordered prints of my small artworks, had them resized and framed and then shipped to her from my print partner. 

Allison has this to say: I just received two wonderful prints of Ouida. I'm so very pleased, thrilled and proud to own her work. Ouida is such a talent. The workmanship of the team in the production of framing, matting is terrific.

It's really quite simple, you should play with the options on the piece that you choose. You don't have to go as far as the purchase, but explore these steps for your options. 
1. Select artwork
2. Select medium- I suggest Fine Art Paper
3. Select size- let's try 10 x 12 or thereabouts. 
4. Select styles- choose Frame (click twice) and your options open up. 
5. Select the frame style you want-Raw wood, White, 1" wide Black or 1/2" wide Black with or without mat. 
Each time you select, the image adjusts to show you this. And then, for the finale!!! you can select 'wall preview' and see the piece you choose hanging in a room setting. 
I'll post a coupon for you to take advantage of this feature and receive 20% off a framed print of any of my pieces. Simply use the code 20offframed at the checkout.