Spring Fever

Greetings from southern New Mexico, where Spring is already making us sigh with the caress of the 70 degree temperatures and the bright red new leaves on the rose vines.

I’ve been quite absorbed this semester with teaching 3 classes and wedging in time for the studio, and my inner life. The students keep me engaged, especially the ones that knew little or nothing about art when they came that first day and are now sparking on curiosity and creative-thinking challenges.

Here’s some work from these beginning printmakers that amazes and delights me. The theme was ‘tree’ the medium was linoleum block. You’ll see, they interpreted with unexpected élan!

My studio work progresses. I have new pieces on the website, particularly the Languor Quartet, which is finally in a 4-image-completed state.  The last piece, Longing, was featured in the winter catalog of Artful Home as well as a recent email blast.  Sales have been very good for each of them…I even sold one complete quartet to a lovely collector in Mississippi! See the mailer here: Artful Home

Now for the Spring Break, which comes in a week or two, so that I can carry on with a new project which I will share with you next time. Suffice to say it’s about New Mexican landscapes.

Make art good art, and be the change in your lives.