Oh Glorious Autumn!

Living in this desert town is tough after July, and even tougher around the end of August but when the Equinox arrives it’s like switching on a light. Voila….Autumn!
I hope you are all enjoying the transition too, albeit short for some of you. Glorious Autumn in southern New Mexico.
Here’s some newly posted pieces  on my website that I am pleased to share with you.
The Hollyhock #3 is very unusual in that I used a base sheet of amazing and artisanal paper with circles pasted to it of assorted, printed patterns. Very unusual and kind of 'happy' in the variety of color and shape. Over that I printed the hollyhock woodcut plate in a pale green, spring-mint ink. Around the edges of the green ink are magenta fine lines done in colored pencil….lots of things going on here but all in all, a big success. What do you think? (the actual original woodcut print is still available! click HERE)


Continuing into the garden but late in the night, this is Midnight in the Garden, a one of a kind linocut over chine colle of handprinted papers and then the vintage songbirds to put the whole thing into a 'dream state'.
I have so many versions of this garden urn, you can see it through many of my botanical pieces. It’s a talisman for me. It means life, and memory and creation. It is still with me and stands in the garden over by the pomegranate tree. I know you will enjoy knowing that when you look at this artwork. (this piece is also still available as an original. Click HERE)

Enjoy the Autumn, fleeting and in gentle motion as a dancer might be.
PS Holiday offerings coming up in November.
‘til then, Ouida