My workshops in Kansas City

The printmakers of Hand Print Press, an artist alumni organization of the UMKC department of Art, invited me to spend a couple of days teaching my very specialized techniques of woodcut with chine colle, and reduction woodcut to the artist members.
We worked furiously for two days and accomplished much more than anyone ever expected or even hoped for. It was full blast printmaking and everyone joined in to take the challenge. With me at the helm we steadily moved from design, to carving, to proofing and inking to offsetting and making stencils and patterns and then back to carving again.
I won’t overwhelm you with the step sequence, just take my word for it…we were dancing!
Here’s a few of the pics from the weekend event. Lots of new friends and excited artists with a few new tricks to add to their trick bag….Yay! job done.
If you get inspired to take a workshop from me, don’t hesitate to contact me for details or to request a personal lesson or two.
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