My Mesilla Garden, design resource extraordinaire!

With the act of gardening, one reaps rewards; with the act of art-making, the same. My Flame grapes have reached the top of the arbor and are spilling down  luscious leafy foliage to the bottom trellis wire, asking to be pruned up a bit.  

And so it goes with art-making. The design of this linocut had to be simplified, and even though the real garden grapes are green now, they are sure to be lovely shades of lavender and claret. I have created several of these handprints using the same carved block. This original artwork, Grapes 4, is matted and in my studio, waiting for a good home. the image size is 10"high x 9"wide and the mat finishes it to 14"x11".
Of course, with my new print partner, you can order the image at a size that works for you, in archival media such as fine art paper, or canvas.  
You decide, (but just don't hesitate if you wish for the original)  See Grapes 4 here.