Did you know I am also a painter?

So many of you have been my loving and supportive art lovers, but many of you may not realize that I am also a painter and that occasionally I get the craving to bring out the easel and take over an entire room of my studio wrapped up in a series of paintings. I love the figure and have often done oils of women but this time, I’m engaged with the western landscape and loving it. I will not be posting these for sale on my website, I try to keep that as my platform for handprints.

I’ve painted 12 canvases or panels of this frequently seen motif, which one sees when driving the backroads of the western states…that motif is what I call ‘Spotted Hills’ and usually means a landscape dotted with junipers in late light. The shadows fascinate me and make this a meaningful motif and I have done well with these for years.

Here’s the new series. I will tell you truthfully that it’s been a labor of love as well as a fleeting series which I produced for your enjoyment as well as mine.These are all for sale. Some are framed beautifully but most are unframed and can be shipped easily.

Let me hear from you if you fancy a western landscape from these hands. They won’t be here long, I suspect.

Best of the summer to you and please stay in touch.   ouidatouchon@gmail.com