Introducing 'Reflection'

I have completed a new edition of a linocut with chine colle that fits into the Languor Quartet like a glove with an extra finger. I’ll now have to call it the Languor Quartet + 1. Oh well, maybe that trope will have to ‘transmorphogize’ into some other trope or no trope at all. For me, it’s really all about women.

This is Reflection. 

Reflection, #5 of the Languor Quartet

The female figure as metaphor has been a recurring theme in my art making for more than 20 years. I’ve been really thinking out loud lately about my overarching mission in art making and it seems to me that threading through it all is METAPHOR…all of my work comes back to some form of metaphor. It could be nature and the landscape, it could be songbirds in a night sky or most likely it could be images of women and what women wear. I’m truly committed to expressing myself through visual imagery and this is my meta-theme, my conviction. Women and their grace, women and their complexity, women and their strength and stabilizing force in this rocky world; this is what speaks to me and through me.  

link to Reflection