Hotter than July!

So here’s a thought about July and what the summer brings besides sunshine and heat: How about a change in pricing for my artwork on my website? My priority is to offer you, my art loving friends and collectors, original artwork from my studio. But sometimes the originals have gone on to good homes. As I have mentioned before, I am keeping my handprinted pieces for the website and paintings for my place on Saatchi Fine Art. It behooves me to not confuse you too much. Yes, I do an occasional painting these days, but a separation seems simpler. And I want to keep it simple in order for you to select work that means something to you, in the size that works best for your home. 

  On the left is October Garden as a canvas print with a gallery wrapped canvas and a colored border.
On the right is the same print with a 'mirrored' edge. Can you see the difference? 
Which do you like better? I love that there is either option on my website gallery store. 

As of July, I have adjusted my mark-ups for my handprinted work as well as archival fine art prints on canvas or acid free paper and eliminated the option to frame my work on the site. Your shipping will be less, and my costs will be less also. I am hoping you would like to have the option of working with your local framer or even to purchase the work printed on canvas with a ‘gallery wrap’ showing either a color or a mirrored edge. Above are examples of my October Garden with a muted orange edge and also a mirrored edge. Both of them are appealing, I hope you will agree.




I'm keen on the look of the mirrored edge on certain artworks. Here's two I think work well.

Cowboy's Sweetheart and Languid.  

One more thing!
   Don’t forget to take advantage of the ‘Wall Preview’ button to see your
        selection in a somewhat generic room setting.  It can make the difference in the size you select for your art print.
Above are room views with Longing stretched on canvas and a room view
of Languid with a white mat and slender frame from your framer.