A good relationship leans in both directions

To my great delight, Artful Home has featured my linocut, Pensive, in their recent e-mailer which goes out to thousands of collectors.
 Here’s the newest mailer….so nice to see the piece in a story about black and white.
The summer is swishing through the Northern Hemisphere and I can barely hold onto its tail! I am finishing my stint as Professor this week at DACC with a 5 week online course titled Orientation to Art. It’s one of those hi-speed, condensed semesters and I’ve somehow been keeping all the balls in the air…23 students who all want to learn something interesting about art.
In between all of this I have been tending my garden, my beloved garden, and editing a video for the stitch project that I did earlier in the summer.( see previous blog post) Word has it that the canvases are hanging grandly in the Renaissance Hotel in Plano Texas. I have had a couple of people contact me, to say that they saw them. I am dying of curiosity and may have to put Lily in the car and take a road trip to Plano…end of summer jaunt.
Enjoy this and put your volume up, there’s a nice track that I have placed with this short YouTube video.