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Twilight Birds lV, chine colle collage original songbirds print for sale by Ouida Touchon, Colorado Artist

Twilight Birds lV- original

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songbirds on an astral branch in a fantasy world! 

Another of the songbird originals that the artist calls "chine colle collages."  It's a fun and spontaneous medium which involves the traditional chine colle technique and numerous art paper fragments, vintage paper fragments, map fragments, and handprinted papers, re-purposed into new compositions. The fragments are assembled with Nori paste and run through a printing press to adhere to a back-sheet of heavy archival paper. Gouache embellishments.

Ready to frame at 11x14 standard size. 

 Includes an acid-free, off-white mat and backed with archival board. Titled and signed by the artist. Packed carefully in a cello sleeve, and shipped to you in a cardboard box.

Shipped for free as is all original artwork and the tax is included in the price.