FAQ-frequently asked questions

  1. What kind of framing is required? 
  2. Is the original artwork fade resistant?
  3. Can you ship internationally?
  4. Will you accept returns?
  5. What makes this work so distinctive? 
  6. Can I purchase a giclee or archival reproduction of any artwork?  

 1. You chose the molding you wish for but do work with a reputable framer. Some of my pieces actually are a standard size such as 11x14 and that can mean finding a premade frame at a hobby store is an option. Cutting costs on matting and glass can save money but cost you in the long run. I recommend acid free, archival matting and UV glass...never choose non-glare please...it mutes the finer details of the piece. 

2. As with all fine art, never place it on a wall which will have direct sunlight on it for part of the day. That's trouble in the making although I do use fade resistant inks and paints as well as archival papers. To avoid problems with potential fading, watch the sun for a day before you hang the piece. 

3. Yes, of course I will be glad to ship internationally. Since I ship infrequently overseas, the shipping will be charged to you after the order is placed. I will be in touch with you through email,  to give you the additional shipping and customs fees which I will need before I ship the work. 

4. See my return policy at the bottom of this webpage. 

5. The distinctive quality about the work, whether it's an original one of a kind or a limited edition is that it is created completely by my own hands and has the feel and look of a hand made piece. There are makers marks sometimes on the margins, as well as an occasional fingerprint to add to the value of the work. I strive for 'remarkability' and work to achieve it each time. 

6. I no longer consider reproducing my work as giclees.