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Maya 2, portrait of Maya Angelo, mixed media with poem and blue coloring, for sale by Ouida Touchon

Maya 2- original

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A second portrait of Maya Angelo, the famous artist and writer in her African headscarf. Text and title from her well known poem 'And still I Rise'. The artwork is mixed media with acrylic paint as well as collaged hand printed papers, songbirds and found paper fragments, including a verse from the poem. She is part of an ongoing series I am creating titled "Significant Women".

artwork is on heavy acid free paper and is ready to frame, Size is 12"x15.5". 

Carefully hand packed and shipped from my studio in Delta, Colorado. Shipping and tax is included in the price. 

Artist's note: this piece has been accepted to the Brand Library show: Brand 48, the Annual National Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper for summer of 2020. It will be framed and shipped to the Brand Library, Glendale California. If it does not sell there, it will still be available. Please contact me for this inquiry.