Singing Cowgirl, woodcut reduction print, edition of 8 for sale by Ouida Touchon
Singing Cowgirl artist proof, blue lyrics, woodcut print, one of a kind, for sale by Ouida Touchon

Singing Cowgirl-Original

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Gene Autry move over! Here's a singing cowgirl with rhinestones and guitars and a polka dot scarf, fringe and music notes and all. Would I wear this? Heck yes!

Reduction woodcut on Okawara paper, size 30hx24"w. This limited edition is signed and numbered. There are 8 in the edition and 2 artist proofs. One artist's proof is with blue lyrics and the other with brown. (this means there is only one available with the blue lyrics, therefore the term artist's proof)

Packed carefully and shipped in a shipping tube via FedEx from my studio in Denver Colorado. As with all original artwork, this one ships for free. Yippee!