Singing Cowgirl, woodcut reduction print, edition of 8 for sale by Ouida Touchon
Singing Cowgirl artist proof, blue lyrics, woodcut print, one of a kind, for sale by Ouida Touchon

Singing Cowgirl-Original

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Gene Autry move over! Here's a singing cowgirl with rhinestones and guitars and a polka dot scarf, fringe and music notes and all. Would I wear this? Heck yes!

Reduction woodcut on Okawara paper, size 30hx24"w. This limited edition is signed and numbered. There are 8 in the edition and 2 artist proofs. One proof is with blue lyrics and the other with brown. (this means there is only on with the blue lyrics)

Packed carefully and shipped in a shipping tube via FedEx from my studio in Denver Colorado. As with all original artwork, this one ships for free. Yippee!