'Kimono'-Woodcut print of Japanese kimono with sunflowers for sale by Ouida Touchon, edition of 10, signed and numbered, womenswear
A view of 'Kimono' in a lovely and serene bedroom. Kimono, woodcut print for sale by Ouida Touchon, limited edition,  womenswear.

Kimono- original artwork

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This is the most recent handprint in a full length version, coming from my studio, and the first for the 'womenswear' collection for 2021.

Kimono is a long and sensuous woodcut depicting a floral kimono with sunflower motif and lots of textured marks from the chisel, indicating the texture of the garment.

It is striking in its length at 65"X 23" paper size. Also noteworthy is the fact that this edition is hand rubbed with a baren and a wooden spoon using Japanese paper and black ink.  With such a laborious presentation, I have kept the size of the edition to 10. Each print is signed and numbered at the base of the image.

This original, limited edition artwork is packed carefully into a tube and shipped for free; as with all original artwork, the shipping and tax is included in the price.