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Hello art lovers and collectors! Winter news...

Here we go with 2020! What a nice thought to be entering a new decade as well as a new chapter in my life as well as yours. Yippee! Let’s hope it is more momentous than the last one and full of much better news for the planet as well as our personal spheres.

Here’s an image of me at the Arvada Center 580.0 show which opened last Thursday and knocked my socks off. What a city for printmaking!! I have my piece, ‘Tree of Life’ up near the front in a very lovely wall and I am chuffed!

Promotion offer:

My focus today is to let you know that I will be offering a promotion for the upcoming Valentine’s Day season. I know from many of you that you don’t consider buying art as a gift, sight unseen, and I hate to think of that, since I have a very accurate image of each piece on my site. But, if a promo means something to you, I will offer you a special price of 2 prints for 1 price,Purchase an original artwork and then select the archival reproduction you choose in the size you wish for free. How about that? This offer ends at midnight on Feb. 14, 2020 so get a move on!!

Here’s the code:’buy1free1’. Enter it in at check-out and the store will calculate your discount. My offer of free shipping for a $100 or more purchase still stands as does the offer that all original artworks ship for free.

New work:

New work includes a ‘Singing Cowgirl’ woodcut which is an edition of 10 and has gone through the press 12 times so far. As you can see, there’s still lots more to go to get the image right. I just let it talk to me, you surely understand.

Also just completed it a new Languor Series figurative print I am calling ‘Tranquil’. She’s also quite a resonant image from my recent large prints of goddess figures and she also nods gracefully to Eduard Manet.

Weather chat.

How is your winter this year? It’s my first in Denver and I must say, October was fierce and since then it’s been mild and gentle with an occasional light snow. All those years in southern New Mexico with nary a dusting and here I am in the most exciting and unpredictable weather zone in the west. People tell me that March can be ferocious, we’ll have to see about that. Mother Earth seems to be grumbling about her bed these days, and I am saddened to fear the changes.

 The last little update is that I have been to the Monet show at the Denver Art Museum three times and I can’t express how I feel about it in words….speechless. The third visit was my goodbye visit and I lingered until the museum closed.

All best wishes to you for this wintery season! Ouida

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