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Showing at the Las Cruces Museum of Art

Just as I left Las Cruces, New Mexico area, I was invited to participate in a hand print show at the Las Cruces Museum of Art. Of course! I am very pleased to have 2 pieces in the show. Here’s the flyer to give you an idea of this sort of ‘rebel printmakers’ concept and I feel like I fit right in. 

A Print-Quake in the Desert Southwest

One piece that was accepted is the ‘Tree of Life’ reduction woodcut dress with the rose tree growing up the center and the wildflower meadow at the hem. It was one of my more emotional ‘statement’ pieces in that it quotes the verse from the Hebrew bible, Proverbs 3: 17,18 that reads as follows:

It is a tree of Life to all who grasp it, and whoever holds onto it is happy. Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and its paths are peace.

My other piece that went to the show is the ‘Cow Cow Boogie’ reduction woodcut. It’s a fantasy garment of an imagined cowgirl who sings the ol’ swing song, Cow Cow Boogie, transposing all the gender pronouns to she instead of he. Just fun, and if you have heard the song, you’ll see the parallels to the text in the images of loco weed, and musical notes as well as lariat ropes.

Out on the plains, down near Santa Fe, I met a cowgirl riding the range one day and as she rode along, I heard her singin’ a most peculiar Cowgirl song.

I hope you enjoy the work I have posted here on my site and will consider which piece will make your home more personal and beautiful. If you are in the southwest, please consider visiting the Museum to see this exciting show, it opens November 1, 2019. 

(FYI The two pieces at the Las Cruces Museum of Art are available for purchase if you are interested. )

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