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Hello ! a new blog to start things off.

Many of you have been wondering what happened to me and my frequent updates to you by blog, Rough Sketch. Well, life happened. I packed up my world and moved to Denver Colorado in May and have been letting the dust settle ever since.

Now I have a fresh new web page with a great art shop on it and I think you'll be really pleased at its ease in making transactions. 

Just to get things off to a great start, I will include a small original artwork in your package to the first 10 collectors that make an order.  A free art giveaway!!

It won't last long so find something wonderful that speaks to  you from my portfolio and you will be rewarded. 

Wish me luck with my new portfolio shop and my new digs. I am loving this urban lifestyle!!

Cheers, Ouida

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  • So happy for you and this new adventure!!

    Kathy Beckwith

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